To Clone or Not to Clone - that is the Question....

December 31, 2018

Or maybe slow down a bit. Or maybe take on less. Or maybe - but none of that seems to be a reality at the moment. I realize things are cyclic - intense activity, much needed rest, lather - rinse - repeat....


I began the year with a desire to create a third CD upon which I would finally sing, thus overcoming my urge to chicken out and produce instrumental guitar records or other singers. I began this endeavor in earnest after my wife heard me singing demos for the recording and asked the following question:


"You DO know you can sing, right?"


To which I replied, "No".


To which she replied, "Well, you CAN. I think YOU should sing on your next CD".


So, I began recording new songs where not only did I play everything (I confess that I'm an ambidextrous multi-instrumentalist), but I also sang.


It didn't sound bad.


I recorded four tracks. Then I put them on the backburner for awhile because....


I also received a final deadline to complete a 10 year project with my good friend, Randall Keith Horton, who has been working on the project for over 30 years. You see, Randall was Duke Ellington's last composing and conducting assistant, and has been diligently laboring to complete the symphonic work Duke envisioned for his epic tone poem, "Black, Brown, and Beige". We must present this work in it's entirety by the end of January. We are spending virtually every moment available to complete this monumental and historically significant task. It is daunting, but we see the end in sight. The realization of how amazing it will be buoys us and compels us to completion.


When we finish, I just may take a break before resuming my third CD, "The House that Alice Built".


That's because there are no reasonably priced cloning machines....





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