What Happened?

Updated: Feb 21

I just closed the books for the year here at Raynbyrd Records and must admit my disappointment. It didn't seem at first that I'd accomplished much. I immediately began to feel that perhaps I'd been lazy. Maybe I was not as committed as I should have been to moving the record company further along. Sometimes though (and this might sound a bit crazy) success in business isn't measured in dollars.

I don't owe anyone, but I didn't make any money, either. When I scanned my overworked brain cells searching for possible reasons, the aforementioned condemnations spoke into my ears until my eyes caught sight of the 2019 business calendar I was filing away. I pored through the pages and discovered that I'd actually been quite productive.

From January through March, I worked almost daily to complete a ten-year long big band/symphony orchestra engraving project for my dear friend Randall Keith Horton (Duke Ellington/Michael Jackson). It was a monumental task in which I prepared almost 70,000 measures of music for publishing. After completing that project, I began in April writing and producing the December 2019 release, "Now I See", my third CD on Raynbyrd Records. I also began the first draft of my second book, "You Make a Terrible God". In December, I began the second draft of that book and released 30 of my own scores to SMP Press for publication.

I know what happened. I had my head down working so much that I barely noticed the year had passed and that I'd actually done quite a bit. Now as I post the last blog of 2019, I can say that I have indeed been productive and rather than feeling defeated, I feel accomplished. I think I'm going to go ring in the New Year with my family and enjoy what happened in 2019 as I look forward to what's going to happen in 2020.