Sometimes, Ya Just Gotta Move

I started the day rather lethargically. Drank my coffee. Watched church online. Read my bible. Tried hard not to be a querulous, fussy gas bag to my family.

Not the normal me.

My very perceptive wife said, "How about I take the kids out for awhile so you can have some time alone?" I accepted, and off they went. Still, there I sat, doing nothing much. I surfed the net and became more despondent over the current state of affairs in our country. Then, my stomach grumbled.

Thank God I sometimes get hungry. The need for food broke the web's dark allure off of me. I made the first of a series of moves that led to a more productive end of the day.

A gradual return to the normal me.

I made decent, non-Michelin Star Chef food. After my meal of homemade bean burritos, I set up a mic stand. In a further Herculean effort, I actually placed an Aspen Pittman mic upon it. I fired up the recording gear and made a piano/vocal demo of a new song, "I'm Not Afraid". I then finished a song I'd been writing, "Still Small Voice". I got out the twelve-string guitar and recorded that one as well. On a roll, I recorded a Christmas song I wrote entitled, "Won't You Come".

Then I went totally hog wild. I dug out an unfinished bluesy number from a few years back, "Beautiful Mess". I wrote the last verse that tied the whole message together neatly, and recorded a demo of that as well. Four new song demos in a day.

Complete return to the normal me.

The monumental aspect is that, together with six demos I'd recorded a few months back, I now have ten new songs for my upcoming CD. This will make four CD's that I've released on Raynbyrd Records when it's completed. It also represents a newfound traction out of the doldrums I've been in for a while.

I did not envision a stellar finish to a lackluster start. Sometimes, though, ya just gotta move.