You Make a Terrible God

Roy begins writing his new book while vacationing at La Copa Inn on South Padre Island.

(Photo by Mary Fletcher, 2019)

I was awakened from the rare luxury of a nap one afternoon by the audible phrase, "You make a Terrible God". No one else was present - just me and God. I realized I'd received a writing assignment about the folly of manipulative relationships and their toxic fallout. I've been trampled in such folly, felt the pain, and even prayed for God to fix it. His answer was to show me how to let go of the wreckage, move on, and not repeat the same patterns of decision making that got me into the mess in the first place. I hope that the insights I've gained and will be putting forth in the pages of this new book will help people get free and stay free. When we get God involved with our lives, we will know the truth and the truth will set us free. (John 8:32)

I must admit that the thought of writing a second book while producing a third CD should seem a bit daunting. However, I feel peace. I pray for help and the next paragraph arrives, a half hour opens up to write more, or some other such provision of time and idea comes forth. The same is true for the CD - time and idea arrives very quickly after prayer. I'm grateful that He's given me so much to do and the means to accomplish it. After all, if it was up to me to render this book or CD in my own strength, I would quickly demonstrate what a "terrible god" I make.