Now I See

Production on the new CD, "Now I See" has officially begun! This is a picture my lovely wife Mary took of me working on one of the six lead sheets I've completed so far. The process goes like this:

1. I write songs on scraps of paper or sing them into my phone at stop lights.

2. I flesh them out in lead sheet form (words, melody notes, and chords).

3. I orchestrate them (add guitars, bass, drums, piano, and any other instruments that I hear inside my noggin).

4. I record the tracks.

5. I mix and master the tracks.

6. I send everything off for duplication and distribution.

Each of these steps take about a month to complete, so sometime in September 2019, I should have brand new shiny copies of my third CD delivered to my doorstep and to online vendors around the globe. Now, more lead sheet creation and less blogging - I've got a deadline to meet :-)