Better Things from the Back Burner

Sometimes the things that simmer on the back burner are tastier than what you begin with. In my case, I chose to put two CD's I started on the "back burner" to complete a ten-year-long Duke Ellington project with Randall Keith Horton, a friend who formerly worked with the maestro himself.

The first CD to get tossed into the pot of "not quite sure this it" was an instrumental guitar CD, "Lelia Drive". When my wife heard me singing some demos for another project, she said, "You DO know you can sing, right?"

"No", I said.

She told me I should sing on a new CD, so "Lelia Drive" hit the low-simmer soup pot, so to speak.

The next CD to get extra-crispy had a working title or two that I never settled on, so we'll call that one "the mystery ingredient". I'd recorded a ten song guitar/vocal demo and completed full tracks for three or four of those songs, when God decided He'd have a word with me that began with the question, "Will you answer me?"

My reply was "Yes", so He asked me the same question a second time. I asked what the question was, and He replied, "Will you sing to me?"

My reply again was "Yes", after which He added, "I don't want you to sing those songs, because they will open doors that lead you away from me."

I agreed to do as He asked, telling Him He'd have to give me the songs. He has, and they are straight out of my soul - expressions of my experiences in this life that have led me to rely increasingly upon Him.

So, was all of the effort on those slow-cooking recipes wasted? No, because sometimes the best dishes are the ones you make up as you go along.