Reflective Momentum

"Reflective momentum" aptly describes the tenuous steps I make towards recording my new CD since mother passed away in April. There are days when I am buoyed by her pride in my abilities as a musician and writer. Those are the “momentum” days when I make a ten song guitar and vocal demo in one sitting, or cut all of the vocal and instrumental tracks for a song in a day.

There are other days when I wish I could hug her just one more time.

Or talk to her about dogs (like fur baby Gizmo pictured with mom below) and kids and other critters for which she had such great compassion.

Or even hear her sing joyfully out of tune to songs on the radio.

Those are the “reflective” days when, to the casual observer, I seem to be accomplishing nothing of external importance. The internal importance of those moments are effecting the greatest impact on the whole recording process, though.

Instead of charging towards a deadline, I'm allowing this record to evolve naturally. The songs tell stories and paint characters that live in a realistic space. (Some of the songs are true stories.) The delivery of each story is adorned only with the instruments necessary to bring them to life.

I feel no urgency, only a sense of peace that the work will be done in the time it takes. Reflective momentum is the comforting pace I pursue as I bring these story songs to life.