First Things, Next Things

First, next, last - the classic, most basic sequence in any sensible story. The first steps are always the humble knots of a dreamer tying his laces. The next steps are the stretching of legs to run the races. The last steps are the successes that come from a marathon mindset that leads to lasting achievements, rather than sprinting for the low hanging fruit of a microwaveable legacy. Sometimes it's hard to tell where you are in the first and next sequence, as they tend to be cyclic. Getting to the last step, though is attributable to that X-factor ingredient: grit.

Grit has gotten Raynbyrd Records off the ground and running. It has also gotten Stained Glass Hearts going as well. It is the ingredient being infused throughout every recipe we concoct on our way to the last step.

July saw Stained Glass Hearts perform its first show, and the sound and delivery was spot on. Below is a link to Brandon Park's phone video of part of our set:

Also, efforts began in earnest to book more performances for the band, and thanks to prayers (which also require daily grit) and good old fashioned hard work, we plan to invite our friends and fans to see many more shows in the future. Meanwhile, stop by Stained Glass Heart's facebook page (see the link below) to keep up with where we'll be. You can even book us for your event (we're very friendly and always deliver a professional, stirring performance).

Thanks for supporting us as we run our race towards the goal of a successful and meaningful legacy.