Growing Pains

Growth is good, but pain doesn't seem to share that same wavelength. I've come to realize that effortless growth isn't a very real concept. I now see why many start ups fail. Sure, shortage of cash will definitely end the venture of any less than hardy soul who can't thrive on a shoe string and doesn't enjoy the ungraceful moistness of sweat equity. But what really separates the men from the boys... or ladies from the girls... or lions from the cubs is pursuing a dream (such as a record company) when the running starts to cramp one's side... or style... or social life.

I am not complaining. I am stating the fact that Raynbyrd Records is experiencing those growing pains. Rather than focus on the pain (though I will acknowledge it), I choose to hone in on the growth. This is what motivates me to keep moving: to look back at the beginning, when it was merely a grand illusion in my head that slowly and surely has seen the light of day and has grown legs, taken baby steps, and is now walking.

Hopefully this will encourage more than just myself to keep pursuing the dream when I (or you) are tired and tired of it. Money is not preventing us from starting. It may prevent us from starting with the ease, luxury, and style we envision during our grand dreaming phase, but it isn't nearly as deadly as the pain of growth. More dangerous than a lack of loot in our loincloth (as my father likes to say) is what we give up in the way of comfort to achieve our goals: social life, free time, recreation and leisure, etc.

What amount of pain is worth it to realize your dreams? Only you can answer that. If pain produces no growth, then it's time to move on. But if you see the growth, keep going. A day of rest will come soon. Just don't hang out on those laurels too long. Savor the victories and keep growing.