From the Mouths of Babes

On Thursday, May 25th, my stepdaughter Elizabeth created an especially touching moment for her mother and me. You see, she's a very gifted singer who landed a solo spot in her junior high school pop show. She chose to sing "Hold On", a song I'd written for her mother that appears as the first track on the Stained Glass Hearts CD "Sit at My Table".

When people who don't know that our DNA differs hear her sing, they say she got her musical gifts from me. (Some even say she looks like me, but gratefully, she looks like her beautiful mom). But I digress....

She delivered a performance that brought down the house, brought a smile to my face, and brought a tear to her mother's eyes. Here is a link to the video of her doing us proud (Note: the loud cheering at the end is Ahley Parks, singer of Stained Glass Hearts).

Elizabeth says she wants this song played at her wedding one day. From the mouths of babes beautiful songs come forth and so do statements that remind us we are to train our children up to understand the meaning of what they sing and say.