Drawing Near

January is drawing to a close and completion of the next CD is drawing near. "Sit at My Table" is slated for release in March, and the pieces are falling into place. Still, all the myriad details produce a bit of sweat at times, so I do two very important things to stave off the inevitable freak out that accompanies a general sense of being overwhelmed:

1. I breathe.

2. I pray.

Then, I get back to work and push toward the goal. Better yet, this experience puts me in the position to accomplish a greater good by encouraging others to do the same. Test your limits. Pursue that dream. Take the first step, then keep on stepping until you've danced life to the beat of your very own drum.

Here's a little secret: it doesn't have to be perfect - it just has to be. I know that we can be prone to avoid things that aren't a guaranteed success, because we fear the pain of rejection. I'd rather feel the sense of accomplishment that goes along with struggling to create something than live with the regrets of not bringing a dream to life.

Draw near to the dreams that live in you and bring them to light for all to see. It's a sure and simple way to make the world a better place.