Giving Thanks this Thanksgiving

I have much to be grateful for. For example, Stained Glass Hearts is hard at work on a debut CD and Raynbyrd Records has become an LLC. Each month progress is being made and the humble beginnings of this record company are starting to bear good fruit. Completing projects and reaching new milestones is wonderful, but success comes when good people stand beside you. So, with that in mind, I'd like to thank the people who have contributed to this endeavor and may not even realize it.

1. Mom - The lady who never stopped me from playing my guitar, even though my loud riffing caused her to silently melt down many times as she patiently cooked dinner for us.

2. Dad - The man who bought me my first guitar when we were dirt poor. I bet he could have used that money to buy some lunches he didn't get to eat.

3. Mary - My beautiful wife who believes in my dreams, sometimes more than I do.

4. Joseph, Elizabeth, Robert, and Marshall - My kids who get my full attention everyday, but sometimes miss out on the quantity of time I'd like to give them.

5. Ashley - A fantastic singer who balances family and rehearsal time to help make a great recording.

The point is, no matter what I accomplish in life, people are the most valuable part of anything I do. I haven't always realized that, but it has become especially clear to me this year. Thank you to all of the good people in my life who enrich me, inspire me, and motivate me.