The Balancing Act

Making records is hard work. So is working a full time job while running a record company. So is being actively engaged with a family, a ministry, book writing, and the occasional gathering of friends. So how does all of this get done with any sort of quality?


Balance isn't about portioning an equal amount of time to every commitment you have; rather, it's about being able to shift gears and focus on what you want to achieve in each of these areas. For example, I had the choice of sitting down and producing a track and then writing a blog post. Meanwhile, my two youngest boys were watching Ninjago in the next room. This presented an excellent opportunity to bond with them over their interest, or walk past them and let the television simply be a baby sitter. I chose to watch an episode of their favorite show with them, and ask them questions about it. They filled me in on the back story, and seemed genuinely thrilled that daddy would take time from his busy schedule to spend with them and their program. They went to bed with smiles and excitement that I would also be making a breakfast for them in the morning.

Obviously, I am now completing the blog post, and will spend a bit of time furthering the track rather than finishing it. But in the end, the record will be made and my kids will enjoy the intentional moments I spend with them. 15 minutes writing a blog, 30 minutes watching a show with the kids, writing 8 bars of music, pausing to look at the knock out roses in the front yard while telling my wife they're almost as beautiful as her are all small moments that create the balance leading to a rich and wonderful life.