Let the Donkey Work Begin

I've heard people say that your ability doesn't matter as much to God as your availability. I disagree. Both are important. We are responsible to develop the talents and abilities He gives us, and then use them to glorify Him. He didn't call unskilled people to build the tabernacle for Moses or the temple for Solomon. He didn't even call people with undeveloped potential. He called those who were faithful to develop the gifts He'd placed in them. When I produce a CD, I seek to develop those skills in a process I call "Donkey Work".

Donkey work is thousands of gnat-like details that are neccessary to make a great CD. Sometimes this means working on a measure of drum music for 30 minutes. Sometimes it's working on a set of rhythm section tracks for a month. Other times, it's cutting up hundreds of sections of sound waveforms and then manually adjusting volume levels for each of those sections to develop clarity without losing warmth.

Every project I undertake must meet my committment to make the best use of all the skills God has given me. I choose to honor Him with both my availability and my abilities that are continually refined in the humble grind of donkey work.